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Our clients include

  • Polo Jeans Co.
  • US Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • The Government of Alberta
  • Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide
  • Fremantle Media
  • British National Maritime Museum
  • University of Alberta
  • US Reserve Officers Association
  • The Society of London Theatre
  • National Research Council Canada (NINT)
  • CFA Institute

Polo Jeans Co.

"I use Industry Mailout to send 2 newsletters a month to my Merchandise coordinators —people who work for Polo Jeans Co. around the United States. I include a recap of what’s important for merchandising for the month and a review of what items are currently featured in magazines for our brand. I work with Industry Mailout once or twice a year to update the basic template and every month I feed them new images and text. Then IM lays out the newsletters for me.

Feedback on the newsletters has been great. The coordinators like seeing the organized visual representation. And the look is really fun.

The team at IM is very responsive. They’ve got a really cool vision about their product. They’re flexible and I like that they put a lot of energy into their design and layout. It makes for a more interesting approach to communicating with my people.

I’ve recommended IM to others—many who are using Industry Mailout now."

Tami Brooks
Manager of Retail Development
Polo Jeans Co.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.

Our Industry Mailout newsletter was one of the most cost effective and efficient marketing efforts we have executed recently. The customizations their team put in place were completely on target with our brand image and the tracking of responses showed results that exceeded our goals for the project.

Cara Banasch
Director, Global Sales Washington
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

Compassion Capital Fund, Dare Mighty Things

“I’ve worked with Industry Mailout for two years now. I started working with them on my own company newsletter. It’s been an amazing resource that I provide free to non-profit executives, to help them better understand issues around not-for-profit and cause marketing. Then in July of 2003, I launched another newsletter for my work with the National Resource Centre—a program that supports faith- and community-based organizations to increase their capacity to do good work. Because of the tremendous services I received earlier through MyMailout, I had a zero learning curve when I launched my Industry Mailout e-newsletter. I received tremendous technical assistance. I will likely get another huge contract in the fall, and I’ll use them again for that.

IM is an awesome company. They understand value, customer support and strategic management. I can’t imagine working with anyone else. Plus, they’re just really nice people! They “get it” that the Web is about relationship building. But I feel like they’re peers—even strategic business partners. If I call Gregg with a half-baked idea, for example, he tells me!

When we launched, we had 62 subscribers. Today we have 1100. Seven to eight new people sign up for our e-newsletter every day. And I get very detailed user-statistical reports about who’s looking at the newsletters and what they’re looking at. I can sense their movements and see what works and what doesn’t.

The IM guys are fantastic. In fact, they could charge a lot more money for what they do and I’d pay it! I’m as happy as a cow in mud.”

William J. Freeman
Consultant, Dare Mighty Things
Principal Strategist & Developer,

RAE Systems Inc.

Industry Mailout has been producing our electronic newsletter every 2 months since October of 2003. It goes out to existing customers, partners and potential customers. They make the process so efficient and streamlined for us: I just send them some articles and images, they return a proof in a couple days, and it’s ready to go. It’s so easy to get out a very professional looking newsletter.

On the technical side? I enjoy the navigation and the tracking is great. We get reports on who opened what article and who forwarded each article to what address. There’s also no time lag between new customers registering on our site and getting our newsletter. Visitors register and I can send a list to Industry Mailout as often as I like. IM then sends them the most recent newsletter.

The team at IM is very responsive and professional and they have great ideas. We’re really happy with our newsletter!

Amanda Leet
Marketing Relationship Analyst
RAE Systems Inc.

National Institute of Nanotechnology, National Research Council Canada

In general, it would be hard to be too complimentary about Industry Mailout’s service. I am a self-confessed geek and have been involved in many beta-tests for various web-based text-centered .com tools. I think for the money and effort involved, few come close to matching the level of user-friendliness and impact of Industry Mailout. I have been working with Industry Mailout, on and off, for about two and a half years. I can not see any reason for not continuing as a client.

The interface, stats monitoring and reports are all very good. Both my assistant and I have done lay-out and changes and it is not difficult at all.

I think the biggest thing to be said about the service is that it is a service not a product. If we need to tweak something or want to do something new, they are always keen to help us make that happen. When we decided that we needed to have a French version available on-line, Industry Mailout was very good about helping us explore the options.

Shannon Jones
National Institute for Nanotechnology
National Research Council Canada

Pacesetter Sales and Associates

We used to do a printed newsletter. One of our staff would put time into it. I'd put time into it. It was black and white and down and dirty. We couldn't afford more. We never knew if anyone read it. Now we know. We also know who doesn't. We didn't know what people were interested in reading before. Now we know.

I put the e-newsletter together now. It's fairly easy and not very time-consuming. Although we don't put a whole lot of time into development, the piece comes out looking very professional. It suggests that we put lots of time into it.

The team at IM is very friendly and always helpful. They're generally very quick to respond. They're also creative in finding solutions for our concerns and problems. They're always willing to try to make it better.

Craig Lindsay
Pacesetter Sales and Associates

U.S. Reserve Officers Association

Industry Mailout has proven to be an outstanding investment for our association. Because of Industry Mailout, the Reserve Officers Assocation has been able to produce what has been called one of the most professionally looking and informative newsletters for members of the Reserve forces of the United States. The service provided by the Industry Mailout staff has never been anything by friendly, prompt, and professional.

Lt. Col. Lou Leto
Director of Public Affairs
Reserve Officers Association