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Typical features

  • Forward to a friend link
  • quick polls
  • CAN-SPAM compliant
  • printer friendly versions
  • personalization
  • dynamic content

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When we first talk to you, we'll start at the beginning. We will speak with you to understand what the purpose of your email campaign is. We'll ask you two open ended questions, "Who are you sending it to?" and "Why do you want to send it to them?" With that background, we can determine the format and layout of your mailout(s). We'll also get a sense from you what your capabilities are and whether we'll be building an email template for you so that you can assemble your mailouts yourself or whether you would be more comfortable having us do that for you.

Once we know what we will be creating for you, we'll gather the materials we need which will include your corporate identity and branding. For some organizations, this is accomplished with a visit to their web site. For others, we are given a corporate style guide and cds of imagery to use. Whatever the case, we'll work with whatever you've got!

With the layout determined and the logos and color schemes in hand, we design a mock-up for your approval. Once we settle on something you like, We build it!

Now you're empowered to create your own mailouts! You'll be able to put together an email to send to your list in minutes (or at least as fast as you can type!)

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