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anti-spam policy

If you have received SPAM from any of our customers, please forward the offending email with any comments to [email protected] .

Industry Mailout is intended for use by organizations that wish to send email to their existing and prospective customers, members and stakeholders who have given permission to have email sent to them. Email campaigns that fall outside the intended use for Industry Mailout, we consider as SPAM.

In an effort to prevent SPAMMING, we discuss the concepts of permission marketing along with other email marketing best practices with each of our clients to ensure that we are of the same mind regarding SPAM.

We investigate all SPAM complaints involving our customers. We may upon receiving a complaint suspend service to the accused customer. If we should find that a customer has sent SPAM, we reserve the right to immediately terminate all service to that customer.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policies please email [email protected] .