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Industry Mailout History & Bios

Eight years old. Sounds young, but in the fast-paced and ever changing world of marketing and communications, Industry Mailout is considered an old hand in the industry.

It all started back in the day, 2001 to be precise, in the prairie town of Edmonton where Gregg Oldring recognized a strong need in the marketplace for a new alternative in direct marketing.  This motivated him to launch a user-friendly email marketing company called MyMailout. MyMailout grew quickly and during some interesting lunch chats with a colleague, Jon Larson, it was decided that there was an additional business-to-business market that needed to be tapped into. Industry Mailout was born.

Jon’s roots were in industrial sales. Naturally this is where some of Industry Mailout’s first clients came from. The client list is now both extensive and eclectic, with high profile customers such as Polo Jeans Co., The Society of London Theatre, Starwood Hotels and Fremantle Media.

With the global face of email marketing and communications, Industry Mailout has been able to tap into a diverse international market. It is their exceptional commitment to personal customer service that clients from around the world marvel at and have recognized as unique to the industry.

One of these international clients felt so strongly about the business, they have assisted in development of an office in the U.K. This has been the first step in establishing a series of international sales offices. However, Industry Mailout’s most immediate future plans are to buy a new microwave and install a vacuum tube system for internal memos.

Industry Mailout Bios

Gregg Oldring, B. Com.
President and Founder

Gregg is no stranger when it comes to business and risk taking. At the young age of 22 in the dark depths of his parent’s basement, Gregg’s success as an entrepreneur began. In 1995, Gregg founded GSNet, one of the first classified advertising websites for the heavy equipment industry. GSNet’s first sale was from an Edmonton construction equipment company to a contractor in Sweden for a total sale of $140,000 USD. The news spread throughout the industry like wildfire giving Gregg the opportunity to travel to all parts of the world including France, Mexico and Japan. When he sold GSNet to then Trader Classified Media, the site had over 10,000 listings and received over 100,000 visitors per month.

Gregg’s passion truly lies in business and he is propelled by an inherent need to ‘scratch the itch.’ In other words, to come up with solutions to meet peoples’ needs.

Jon Larson , B. A.
Director of Business Development

Before joining the ranks with Gregg, Jon worked in industrial sales and enjoyed pursuing international accounts. His love of traveling and the global market has proved to be a definite asset to Industry Mailout.

In the initial planning stages, Jon and Gregg wanted to produce a service with a solid measurement component. Jon felt that developing a marketing tool that was accessible, cost-effective, and results driven was sure to meet the needs of many organizations that had a marketing budget to play with.

Jon is a strong believer in the global market and economic integration because it promotes understanding and cooperation.

As for the future, Jon believes that “the only limits are the ones we put on ourselves.”  A relaxed, creative and innovative environment is the first step toward a truly limitless world. His plans for Industry Mailout include tackling several new international markets.