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Create! Professionally designed email

Create professionally designed e-newsletters, invitations, announcements, press releases and promotions. Learn more...

Send! Reliable email delivery

Send hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of emails with the assurance that your emails will be delivered. Learn more...

Manage Straightforward list management

Make subscribing, unsubscribing, segmentation and bounce management a breeze. Learn more...

Report! Powerful reporting

Make subscribing, unsubscribing, segmentation and bounce management a breeze. Learn more...

Email marketing is phenomenal!

Email marketing has revolutionized the way in which organizations communicate. Today’s fast-paced world demands a quick response to both consumer and staffing needs. With shrinking marketing budgets and an increased demand for return on investment, organizations are moving away from traditional forms of advertising that are expensive and cannot deliver measurable results. Instead, organizations are seeking innovative tools that allow them to talk directly to their audiences and respond to their changing and growing needs.

Innovative email marketing and communications solutions

Email is the fastest growing form of communication. It is about connecting people to ideas and information, and building relationships. As consumers’ needs and wants become more sophisticated, the level of communication must follow.

Email marketing allows organizations to react rapidly to these changing needs and consumer demands. Email is a natural and accessible channel to disseminate information in a tailored package to target markets.

Industry Mailout develops tools that assist organizations in communicating in a unique and sophisticated way. Organizations work with Industry Mailout to create and send marketing newsletters, bulletins/press releases, and email promotions.

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Tools that measure

As a company, Industry Mailout thrives on challenges. The more complex the problem is, the more innovative solutions become. Email marketing and communications is a new way to target specific audiences and track results. It allows organizations to monitor the effectiveness of their campaign on a minute-by-minute, day-to-day basis. Results are immediate, accurate and provide customers with feedback so that their campaign can respond to changing needs in the marketplace. Communication is now direct, personal, focused, and on time.